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The Client


The eMission client is slick and versatile. With focus on a user friendly environment, intuitive paths and user focused construction, it is designed to make its use and feel as natural as possible.

The Login based system, can obtain its User Name, Passwords and its group access permissions from any existing 3rd Party application or system, with a very simple and straight forward setup procedure. This enables fast integration into the customers existing infrastructure, and with setup time being minimal, it allows eMission to begin impacting the communication systems immediately.

The Client can currently attach to many different Learning Management Systems, and the list is growing all the time. This again enables seamless integration into the existing infrastructure. The team here are dedicated to ensuring that no matter what current systems are in place in any potential clients IT house, we are able to offer them eMission with no fear of effort needed on their part!

For Corporate use the “Learning Management System” is replaced by the NAM backend, the versatile Nepal designed ‘LMS’ is perfect for use in the corporate market as a dedicated group management system. This enables the group structures to be created and managed with a user friendly front end, and thus gaining the most out of the eMission software in a very short time scale.