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eMission enables seamless recording and mixing of various media inputs at the same time.

The Users Screen/Audio Input/Visual Input can all be recorded using the eMission software in real time or offline, thus enabling the Lecture/Meeting to be recorded as it happens live or, if wanted, whilst away from the Classroom/Boardroom. 

3rd Party editing suites can be used by advanced users to further enhance the look and content of the lecture, and then the finished product uploaded effortlessly into the system.

The Recording can be made at many different quality types, ranging from 800x600 at 4fps, all the way up to 1280x1024 at 25fps. The bit rate for the stream is of course quality dependent, but even so only ranges from a minimum of about 30k/sec through to about 120k/sec at the highest quality.

The client’s low CPU use, and its ability to be remotely activated, means that no matter the quality or quantity required of the recording needed, eMission always allows this to happen with the minimal amount of intrusion.