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File Storage & Access


All recordings are stored on the eMission server, which can be a local server or hosted remotely, the server then gives viewing permissions to those who need it, adding it to the user’s lists with immediate effect, thus ensuring timely delivery and access for all concerned.

The dynamic library is designed to insure the minimal amount of maintenance is needed, with administrator access available though, this allows the system admins to ensure every possible manipulation of the file that could be needed, is available.

The admin access is available via any web browser, allowing remote access for the Administrator to deal with any problems that might occur from anywhere he might be at the time.

eMission also offers Audit logging, with statistical tracking. All measure of data is gathered and stored for your use. Graphical representation and hard core number crunching should please even the most hardened statistical lover. The tracking also allows you to pinpoint upload times, download amounts and who has viewed which files.