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Education - Distance Learning

With eMission, distance learning has evolved. Gone are the weighty paper lead courses of yesterday, replaced by a real sense of involvement with your chosen course. Every lecture delivered via a live or recorded broadcast.

The eMission player and its realtime thread and discussion module, brings the ability to ask questions directly to the lecturer, and involve yourself in discussion with your fellow classmates live and even after the lecture has finished, as you can imagine this brings a whole new dimension to off campus learning.

Education - Campus Learning

On campus, missing lessons is not a problem anymore, you can catch up as soon as you are able to. This of course also benefits the teacher just as much, with less time needed to be taken to go over missed lessons with those students that need them to.

Review of the lesson is probably even more important though, watching and rewatching the lecture, gleening points for revision, understanding points missed the first time around.

Of course for those that have Dyslexia, or are hard of hearing or have sight difficulties eMission offers more than just convenience, it offers real help, a real chance to change and effect the quality of the education they receive.

Corporate Use - Conference/Meeting/Personal Message to 1 or many

In the world of business, its too easy to miss that meeting, or important conference/seminar, and scrabble around trying to find people that attended to fill you in on the details. eMission aims to remove that sorry state, and instead offer a real chance to stay in touch remotely. Even personal messages to your team, or individuals can and will effect your day to day workloads.

Then there is training, IT support, bug Reporting, all viable areas of corporate life that will benfit hugely from eMission.